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Hope you've had a Fabulous February!


Belinism blog

Hope you've had a Fabulous February!

Belinda Stanton

I’ve had a busy month away from the studio. Something popped up earlier in the month that had me positively glowing with modern medicine :) It’s a new problem, maybe relating to my breast cancer or maybe not. I haven’t any real news or answers yet other than it slowed me down physically and mentally. I’m sure everyone who either has gone through, or watched someone they love go through, a cancer diagnosis knows that it’s all the ‘little things’ that pop up that really wear you down. Good news is that we’ll have heaps of pictures (ultrasounds, CT scans, PET scan) to look back on :o Hopefully we will have more of an idea of where things are at by the end of March. My truly lovely medical team are finding out just as much about my body as I am (I’m just full of surprises).

But in the meantime… I have been able to get out some new stock, yeah!! There are mugs, vases, little hanging oddsocks and new little happy pots available in my shop now.

Join my newsletter to get this months 10% discount on hanging pots (expires 25 of March). Every month I aim to reward subscribers with discounts on different products. So if there is something you have your eye on, subscribe and a discount code will eventually pop up :)

See you next month!

In health and happiness

belin x