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Belinism blog

Hope you've had a Fabulous February!

Belinda Stanton

I’ve had a busy month away from the studio. Something popped up earlier in the month that had me positively glowing with modern medicine :) It’s a new problem, maybe relating to my breast cancer or maybe not. I haven’t any real news or answers yet other than it slowed me down physically and mentally. I’m sure everyone who either has gone through, or watched someone they love go through, a cancer diagnosis knows that it’s all the ‘little things’ that pop up that really wear you down. Good news is that we’ll have heaps of pictures (ultrasounds, CT scans, PET scan) to look back on :o Hopefully we will have more of an idea of where things are at by the end of March. My truly lovely medical team are finding out just as much about my body as I am (I’m just full of surprises).

But in the meantime… I have been able to get out some new stock, yeah!! There are mugs, vases, little hanging oddsocks and new little happy pots available in my shop now.

Join my newsletter to get this months 10% discount on hanging pots (expires 25 of March). Every month I aim to reward subscribers with discounts on different products. So if there is something you have your eye on, subscribe and a discount code will eventually pop up :)

See you next month!

In health and happiness

belin x

Hello 2019!

Belinda Stanton

…and we’re back! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends over the holidays.

I’m so excited about this new year. There were so many things I wanted to do last year that I had to push back. Now I finally get to work on all those crazy and fabulous ideas! So I welcome the new year with loving eyes and a broad smile, thrilled that you’re here too :)

I feel so fortunate to have had such love and support. My local peeps with hugs n chats n stuff. There was one guilty pleasure you guys helped me indulge. I love seeing cute the photos you take! It truly does “warm the cockles” that someone loves their new new piece enough to share it with their friends. More smiles must help the world be a better place, right? Here are a few of my favourites from last year…

Photo credit Instagram profiles: @definatalie, @melanie_augustin, @delia.twiss, @pixelsandpicas

Photo credit Instagram profiles: @definatalie, @melanie_augustin, @delia.twiss, @pixelsandpicas

Photo credit Instagram profiles: @binrow, @melwhite76, @vincethepug, @greenplantgal

Photo credit Instagram profiles: @binrow, @melwhite76, @vincethepug, @greenplantgal

I love the way you guys have styled my little pieces, I wish I could hire you all as stylists!

One other thing I want to share with you from last year is this commission. I was approached to make a piece for a very special little boy. Some of you may have seen images on my Instagram account of this being created in February last year. It was such a special piece to work on and I hope that this urn brings some peace to Mum and Dad when they think of him.

Finn's urn.jpg
Finn's urn_v2.jpg

So… what’s been happening in the studio so far this year?

I been playing with these lovely slab rolled platters. Some of them were screenprinted directly onto the rolled slab. Some were under-glaze tissue transfers that we made here in the studio. So many ideas… Jon keeps talking about colour and lustre but we haven’t even fired the other test platters yet lol.

screenprinting on clay.jpg
screenprinting on clay_finshed.jpg

I’ve only had enough time and space in the kiln to fire this ‘yoga pose’ platter but I was very impressed by the crisp detail. Left - Full platter. Right - detail (can you find from where?) I have just been playing around with images I created during chemo, now I am hoping to create some designs specifically for my slumped platters. I will be developing these ideas over the next few months in between trying to build my hanging pot and mug stock back up.

Thank you for joining me for my first monthly blog of the year. I hope you have already had a great start to the year and I look forward to making you smile in the days, months, years to come :)

Oh and I just wanted to let you know that I have turned the comments off in this blog. I had so much spam on my old blog, it made me quite frustrated. Please feel free, if you wish to comment in my facebook or instagram page, I can interact with you there free of spamminess.

In health and happiness

belin x

Season's greetings my friends!

Belinda Stanton

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are at the end of the year already! I have to say though, I am really ready to say goodbye to 2018.

Thank you 2018 for giving me many gifts. Mainly the gift of gratitude. I have honestly never felt so grateful in all my life. It’s a bit cliche’ but sometimes it takes something dramatic to happen in your world to shake things up a bit. Encouragement to stand back and look at the bigger picture. I never really knew how much I appreciated my life, family/friends, my creativity and my optimism. That was 2018 for me :) I promised this wouldn’t be a heavy blog…So with that said, lets charge our glasses and say hello 2019!

Before I head into holiday mode (and for those wondering were their mugs or cups are), here are a few snaps of the last batch of 2018 mugs travelling around the studio. Wet weather held the process back a few days as they sat quietly in the kiln trying to dry out… As I type, I’m still patiently waiting to open the doors after their glaze firing… might have to wait until Christmas morning to see how they went, how poetic. Lovely shiny pots from Santa :)

last mugs 2018.jpg

I am going to take time off, from now until the first of January. I will be sending out remaining orders but plan to spend most of this time reconnecting with family and friends. I have exciting things I want to do this year with my illustration work. Screen printing onto clay, making screen printed tissue transfers with under-glaze and a couple of other little fun side projects I’ll be sharing with you. It’s gonna be a fun year!

So from me and my family to you and yours, have a very happy holiday season and all the best with your endevours for 2019! Thank you for supporting me throughout 2018 xx

Busy season while going slowly

Belinda Stanton

Yep, busy season, slow human… working really hard on not doing too much post treatment. Now that both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are words relating to my past, I’m very keen to kick it back into full gear but please bear with me for a bit while I take time to get back to full speed.

After saying that, I am going to have one kiln load of cups ready for Christmas!… I hope… I’m very nervous about committing to serious time frames at the moment. My stockpile has been depleted this year and I know some of you have been patiently waiting for mugs to show up in my shop.

For those collecting mugs, this will be your last chance to grab a 2018 cup or mug. I was really looking forward to carving 18’s this year into the bottom of my tableware pieces. Quietly disappointed there wont be more out there but 19’s are pretty fun to carve too. I will be trying my very best to get these last 2018 mugs out the kiln by Christmas.

If you want to order 2018 mugs :0 please click here or on the image below…

As Christmas is coming, I’ve vowed again this year to purchase seasonal presents as handcrafted and as local as possible.

I was in a chain store recently and was disappointed at the customer service offered by large retail outlets these days, line up like cow, shuffle to the front of the cue, serve yourself… I know you’ve probably experienced it all before. It just feels a little cold. It makes buying items from small production makers more special. I love buying handmade. I love the whole experience. I know that when I am talking with the seller, I am also talking to the designer, maker, marketer, admin and postage staff/person, etc.. I am talking to someone passionate about the product they are selling, that they care about it and they know everything there is to know about their product.

I strongly encourage looking around at your local markets when shopping for gifts this year. Etsy have a section where you can view local markets in your area, you can also filter local products to purchase without travelling to a market. There’s bound to be something handcrafted in your local area, wherever you are in the world. Let’s keep our own local communities thriving, especially at this time of year!

beml 2018_4.jpg

Speaking of handcrafted, local markets, I had a BALL at the Brisbane Etsy Made Local market last month! I wish I had some more photos to share but as usual it just gets sooo busy. Quick shout out to ‘La Plume De Fleur’ for making my beautiful flower crown. I was hoping to have a little more hair before the event but just happy I made it there in the end. Thanks to all you gorgeous people who dropped in to say hello and picked up some little belinism goodies. Your support is much appreciated. I love you guys!

…and of course much gratitude to the BEML event organisers, I really do look forward to this event. It always has such a wonderful vibe and such an awesome tribe of fellow marketeers.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and stress less December, don’t forget to smile every chance you get :)

Welcome to the new site

Belinda Stanton

Hello! I’m Belinda and this is my Belinism blog. Thank you for popping over.

I’ll be using it to show some of my thoughts behind the process and background on some of the works. Nothing too heavy, just letting you have a peek at the new work coming up.

As some of you may know, it’s been a difficult year for me. I was diagnosed early in the year with breast cancer. I had lots of plans for 2018 and cancer wasn’t one of them. My ceramic work had to take a back seat. Everything is going as well as can be and I’m expecting a full recovery. I feel so blessed to have access to new cancer treatments and forever grateful for people who have gone through numerous treatment trials before me. Much gratitude…

….and with all the unexpected time away from the ceramic studio, I have managed to put this new website together and create some work that is quite un-ceramic-like!

While convalescing on the couch, I fell back in love with doodling! In fact it gave me so much joy that it played a major part in my recovery. So I decided to turn some of these doodles into screen prints.

I am often asked why I create the work I do and to be honest it simply cheers me up. Here are a couple of stories behind the illustrations…

Chemo was many things, none of it fun. Having friends and family with me helped me feel like I really could do anything. This is my sister, Kerri and I during chemo round 4. She reminded me of an old joke a friend of mine used to say, it’s weird but I can only remember the punch line… Orange you glad to see me? (I’m sure it was hilarious at the time…)

I spent a few days in the hospital isolation ward, which was quite boring. Until one lunch round when I discovered that the paper hand towels were square. If I was going to be in isolation I could at least decorate the room with paper cranes, there was nothing else to do… of course this lead to the Paper cranes’ screen print. Happiness is wherever you can find it.

Sometime around round 5, I was pretty over the chemicals in my system. My body was struggling with side effects. I did this little dancing sketch on my digital tablet. It was my way of picturing how happy my blood cells will be when there is no toxic chemo to process. The little guy at the front just looked ‘so into it’ that I pulled him out and made him ‘Golden’. He was kind of my last round mascot :)

This is me on the last day of chemo!! There’s only one thing to do really… get back home as quickly as possible to sketch this one… ‘I think you deserve cake’ yeah, kind-of struggled to eat the celebratory cup cake in the photo. It was one of those ‘seems like a great idea at the time’ ideas, the actual cake was far too rich for the system. Technically chemo will continue every three weeks until April next year but this is the end of ‘old fashioned’ cancer treatments that made up my last 5 months!

BTW I think both of these postcards are appropriate for most of life’s little celebrations, no matter if it’s the last round of chemo or congrats on a new job, thanks for helping out or even a thank you for sticking around to look at my under utilised instagram account… In fact if you come see me at the BEML on the 23rd or 24th of November, drop by my stall and I’ll give you postcard, share a smile x

I hope you’ve enjoyed my background stories. Hope it gives you a little insight to current work. All the above pieces are available on this site if you are interested in seeing more, just follow the links.

Thanks again for reading the first blog post, hopefully there’ll be many more to come. Oh and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to join my new mailing list. You will receive news, stock release info, free downloads and discounts for my online shop randomly in your inbox!

Hope to see you at the BEML!

In health and happiness x